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Why standard liquid biopsies CANNOT provide accurate cancer treatment monitoring – and why our new cancer blood test can.

What Makes Liquid Biopsy Labs' Tests So Special?

To answer this question properly, we first need to explore the

limits of 'typical liquid biopsy tests'...

Typical Liquid Biopsies CANNOT Provide Accurate Treatment Monitoring

Fact: You can’t tell how well a cancer treatment is working if you aren’t measuring how many new cancer cells the body is producing. In order to accurately monitor cancer progression, you must be able to assess the amount of tumor-mutation exosomal DNA present in the patient’s blood. Standard liquid biopsy testing does not differentiate live tumor cell DNA from dead tumor cell DNA and from exosomal DNA. This means that, while standard ctDNA tests (aka standard Liquid Biopsy tests) will show that a mutation is present, they won’t be able to tell you:

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  1. If the mutation you’re targeting is currently promoting growth of the cancer, OR if it’s from a dead tumor that has released its DNA into the blood. If you don’t know the source of the DNA mutation, you cannot determine if a treatment is working or not – and every treatment choice you make from that point on could be completely wrong.
  2. If the cancer is actively growing and spreading, or not. Our liquid biopsy test isolates and measures the amount of a specific cancer-causing tumor DNA mutation only while it’s involved in metastasis. (I.e. While it’s being transported via exosomes throughout the body.) Therefore, we can determine whether your cancer is in the process of spreading or not.

    And this is the most important piece of information you need in order to assess how well a treatment is actually working! You can’t do that with standard liquid biopsy (ctDNA) – and that’s a problem we have solved.

  3. The percentage of dead tumor DNA to live tumor DNA in the patient’s blood. This measurement is a far more accurate assessment of cancer development and treatment benefit than the standard liquid biopsy protocol, which gives you one measurement that includes live, dead, and exosomal tumor DNA.

Standard liquid biopsies ignore these important facts. Instead, they measure the amount of DNA from opposing processes and sources (i.e. dead tumor cells, live tumor cells, exosomes, and normal healthy cells) and combine everything together...and then use a bulk measurement of ctDNA to assess treatment efficacy! This is NOT precision oncology. And this is not the best that medical science has to offer physicians and their patients. You can do better.

What Does Liquid Biopsy Labs Do Differently?

Standard liquid biopsy tests only test for dead tumour cells in your blood. Liquid Biopsy Labs has designed a way to test for dead and LIVE tumour cells in your blood – the FIRST test of its kind. Make sure you are getting the WHOLE picture!

Liquid Biopsy Labs’ unique process provides doctors and their patients with a truly personalized, precise, and non-invasive tool to measure cancer growth and to show, quickly and accurately, how well your treatment plan is working.

The first liquid biopsy – in the world – to test for an almost INFINITE number of mutations.

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"The capacity to detect new cancers, treatment-resistant variants, and tumor heterogeneity by noninvasive technology on the basis of tumor DNA in the blood promises to revolutionize cancer detection, prevention, and treatment." 1

The future of cancer management in a simple blood test.

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