How to Beat Cancer with Liquid Biopsy

Use our liquid biopsy for cancer treatment monitoring – for the most accurate results, in the world.

Cancer Treatment Monitoring with Liquid Biopsy

New Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs: How to Know if Your New Treatment is Working
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This package provides you with the most accurate, personalized, and non-invasive cancer treatment monitoring possible in medical science today.

Initial Treatment Monitoring

This Package Includes:

About This Package:

Personalized Liquid Biopsy Cancer Treatment Monitoring

This package includes 3 personalized liquid biopsy tests: one for your baseline establishment and two for follow-up monitoring to ensure the treatment is working as expected.

The first test in the monitoring package is designed specifically for the unique variants causing your cancer and which you are targeting with your cancer treatment.

It’s the only personalized Liquid Biopsy cancer monitoring test in the world.

All follow-up tests use the personalized test we created just for you. They compare the ratio of the cancerous mutation that was in the blood in the first test to the ratio that’s there now, 2 weeks into treatment, and then every 4-6 weeks after that. If it’s going down, it means your cancer treatment is working, with 99.98% certainty. If it’s going up...then it might be time to make a change to your treatment plan.

Either way, you’ll know quickly, and with confidence, exactly what is going on. You won’t waste time on treatments that aren’t working as well as hoped; and you won’t receive treatments that you no longer need if your cancer is gone!


Additional Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Treatment Monitoring

Additional single liquid biopsy tests can be purchased individually for after care monitoring, as needed.

Contact us for pricing information and questions, or to order a package.


Coordinate Special Pricing for Your Clinic Group

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"Liquid biopsies could transform cancer care as we know it." 1

Learn More About Precision Oncology


For individuals with cancer, please visit our sister site, Cancer Treatment Options and Management, for Precision Oncology services designed just for you and your care team. CTOAM will coordinate your precision diagnosis – including your personalized liquid biopsy tests – and develop a targeted therapy plan based on what is truly causing your cancer to grow. Cancer Treatment Options and Management will partner with your oncologist to administer and monitor the very best treatment for your cancer.

See how Liquid Biopsy fits into the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology...


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