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How to prevent cancer, and detect it as early as possible, with our new Liquid Biopsy for cancer.

Personalized Cancer Prevention Program with Liquid Biopsy

How to Prevent Cancer with Liquid Biopsy Labs' New Blood Test for Cancer
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This package is designed for people who want to ensure they're doing everything possible to prevent cancer, as well as to detect it as early as possible.

First Year Prevention Setup

The following is included for the first year (set up and baseline establishment).

Liquid Biopsy Labs' Cancer Prevention Package Includes:

About This Package:

Personalized Inherited Cancer Screening

This package starts with a thorough genetic testing panel (a liquid biopsy for cancer test), looking at over 130 known inherited mutations that are commonly involved in cancer, to see if you have any inherited mutations.

If, based on this broad panel genetic testing data, you are found to have one of these inherited mutations, we then create a personalized Liquid Biopsy Labs Inherited Mutation Test. This identifies your baseline: it allows you to know for sure, every year after, if cancer involving that mutation has begun to develop – so you can detect any cancer as early as possible and have the best chance of successful treatment.

Foods That Fight Cancer and Exercise for Cancer Prevention

Your Personalized Cancer Prevention Program also includes our unique cancer fighting nutraceutical diet and exercise plan, and a consultation with one of our Precision Oncology specialists to have all of your questions answered about your test results, diet & exercise plan, and your ongoing monitoring schedule.

So, It's a Win-Win Either Way!

If your genetic panel test shows you don’t have an inherited mutation, then you get to relax – that’s a load off! And you get to use your cancer fighting nutraceutical diet and exercise plan to help ensure that you are doing everything you can to prevent any other forms of cancer from ever having a chance!

And, if you do have an inherited cancer related mutation, then you’ll know you’re doing everything you can to detect cancer as early as possible and to prevent it from ever beginning.


Annual Cancer Prevention Monitoring

(*after first year setup)

Once you have your initial prevention test, if you do have an inherited mutation, you will require annual monitoring to ensure that cancer is not developing from that mutation. (This package is also available to CTOAM Premier Care Package patients, for the same purpose.)

We’ll coordinate everything for you: we’ll send a nurse to your home and provide you with an easy-to-read, detailed report explaining the results of the test, within just 2 weeks.

If the test shows no change in the amount of cells with that mutation, then you’re good for another year!

If the test shows any increase at all, then you’ve just detected cancer at the earliest possible time, when the outcome can be as positive as possible. And, if your test does show an increase in your mutation ratio, our Precision Oncology Experts at Cancer Treatment Options and Management will be there to guide you confidently towards the very best treatment, every step of the way.

This Package Includes:
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Coordinate Special Pricing for Your Clinic Group

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"Liquid biopsies could transform cancer care as we know it." 1

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For individuals with cancer, please visit our sister site, Cancer Treatment Options and Management, for Precision Oncology services designed just for you and your care team. CTOAM will coordinate your precision diagnosis – including your personalized liquid biopsy tests – and develop a targeted therapy plan based on what is truly causing your cancer to grow. Cancer Treatment Options and Management will partner with your oncologist to administer and monitor the very best treatment for your cancer.

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  1. Winslow, Ron. The Race to Diagnose Cancer with a Simple Blood Test. (2019)