Liquid Biopsy for Cancer FAQ

Discover how to beat cancer with our new blood test for cancer, called Liquid Biopsy.

Liquid Biopsy Labs FAQ

For Clinics and Cancer Patients.

Improve Your Chances of Beating Cancer with the Latest Cancer Breakthroughs:
Liquid Biopsy Labs' New Blood Test for Cancer

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Learn More About Precision Oncology


For individuals with cancer, please visit our sister site, Cancer Treatment Options and Management, for Precision Oncology services designed just for you and your care team. CTOAM will coordinate your precision diagnosis – including your personalized liquid biopsy tests – and develop a targeted therapy plan based on what is truly causing your cancer to grow. Cancer Treatment Options and Management will partner with your oncologist to administer and monitor the very best treatment for your cancer.

See how Liquid Biopsy fits into the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology...