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Liquid Biopsy for Early Cancer Detection and Accurate Treatment Monitoring

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Liquid Biopsy for Early Cancer Detection and Treatment Monitoring

The future of cancer management in a simple blood test

With Liquid Biopsy Labs, every cancer patient can easily have a highly targeted treatment plan.
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Giving you the best possible treatment outcome medical science can offer, worldwide.

"The capacity to detect new cancers, treatment-resistant variants, and tumor heterogeneity by noninvasive technology on the basis of tumor DNA in the blood promises to revolutionize cancer detection, prevention, and treatment." 1

Liquid Biopsy Labs: The First of Its Kind.

A personalized test for every possible mutation

Do you want to use liquid biopsy for designing targeted therapy regimes or monitoring cancer progression – but don’t know, with confidence, which mutation(s) would be best to target? We’ll help you find out what is driving the cancer and then design a custom liquid biopsy test just for you.

Liquid Biopsy Labs’ revolutionary test allows doctors and their patients to have supreme confidence in their treatment decisions, and to monitor treatment efficacy with 99+% accuracy!

For pricing information or questions, please contact us or fill out an Order a Test form – the more information we have about your needs, the better we can help you.

Order a Liquid Biopsy Test

We can design a liquid biopsy test for ANY mutation you may need.

How Our Test Helps Doctors and Their Cancer Patients

Precision oncology – the most precise cancer care that medical science offers today – should not involve guessing or hoping...but, with traditional liquid biopsy testing, that’s just what you’re doing (whether you know it or not).

With Liquid Biopsy Labs’ unique, personalized, and precise testing protocol, you’ll have true confidence in your cancer treatment plan.

Cancer patients don’t have time to guess or hope that a treatment is working. But the current standard approach of measuring the size of a tumor over time (i.e. 3 months) can easily result in a patient being on the wrong drug. And this can result in two negative consequences:

  1. Spread of the disease
    Often it’s only after a patient’s tumors have grown, and the cancer has spread to other organs, that a patient finds out that the drug they’ve been taking for the past 3 months hasn’t been working. Because cancer is much easier to treat when it hasn’t spread to other organs, you want to do everything possible to start on the right treatment immediately (or, if needed, change to the right drug ASAP).
  2. Wasted finances
    With the cost of new targeted therapies often approaching $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 per month – and often out of the patient’s pocket – you need to know, within the first few weeks, that the treatment you’ve chosen is working as well as hoped.

Our unique, designed just for you, liquid biopsy test ensures that you have 99+% confidence that the mutation you’re targeting is involved in driving the cancer. And, our ongoing cancer treatment monitoring package lets you know, within just a few weeks of treatment initiation, whether or not the treatment is working as you’d expected.

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"Doctors do very well in improving lives of people whose cancers are screened and detected before symptoms occur. Five-year survival rates increase dramatically if cancer is detected at an early stage." 2

Order a Liquid Biopsy Test

For the earliest possible cancer detection and most accurate treatment monitoring.

What Makes our Test Unique, the First of its Kind

After nine years of researching many different liquid biopsy tests from around the world – including the use of additional diagnostic tools such as broad panel genetic testing and PET/CT, all with the goal of identifying the most accurate treatment targets – Alexander Rolland, Chief Research Scientist and co-founder of Liquid Biopsy Labs, has designed a test that can confidently be used for both discovery and for monitoring how well a treatment is working.

Our tests are unique in 4 fundamental ways compared to other companies:
Liquid Biopsy Labs
Our Tests Actually Show if Your Cancer is Still Growing or Not

The most important identifier of how well your cancer treatment is working is not the number of dead cancer cells in your blood, which is the measure used by standard Liquid Biopsy tests. In fact, that commonly used measurement tells you very little about how well your cancer care is working. Think about it – just because some cancer cells are dying, doesn’t mean your body isn’t producing even more of them.

In order to have confidence that your treatment plan is working as well as hoped, the information you need is the measurement of how many new cells, carrying your cancerous mutation, are still being produced by your body. Liquid Biopsy Labs is the only liquid biopsy company in the world today to prioritize the monitoring of this crucial indicator of treatment success. We use a rigorous, proprietary method of identifying and isolating exosomal DNA.

Liquid Biopsy Labs
Our Tests Provide 99+% Accuracy

Our analysis is based entirely on exosomal DNA and, therefore, is indicative of metastatic process. We use positive and negative controls to ensure that our information is accurate. This is also unheard of in standard liquid biopsy testing. And it means that, with 99+% confidence, you can tell if the cancer is growing or not.

And, with Liquid Biopsy Labs tests, you can see any new tumor growth more than 8 months before tumors would be visible through even the most advanced imaging diagnostics, such as PET/CT.

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Liquid Biopsy Labs
Our Tests Make NO Assumptions

Our test includes verification of the mutation – not just showing if it is present, which again, tells you nothing about what will work for treatment. Instead, our test shows you whether or not a mutation is causative or problematic. So you don’t waste time targeting the wrong mutation.

For even greater precision, we use a two step identification process:

  1. We assess the mutation as standard liquid biopsy tests do, and;
  2. We also confirm the DNA in the normal cells at that same point in the mutation. Most tests are based on assumptions about what should be in that location, rather than assessing, for each individual patient, what is present in that same location naturally.

This one element alone can differ greatly from person to person. And, if not assessed for, can lead to completely inaccurate treatment choices and lots of wasted time and money for the medical system and, most importantly, for the patient.

Liquid Biopsy Labs tests ensure that every targeted treatment is truly matched to the patient, and that a personalized monitoring test is designed for their unique mutations.

Liquid Biopsy Labs
Our Tests are Designed to Give you the Most Rapid and Accurate Treatment Monitoring Tool Available, Worldwide

Our unique patent-pending test quantitatively measures the amount of a tumor-causing mutation in the blood. Therefore, it is used for a) discovery and b) the creation of a targeted treatment plan that gives you the most accurate targets for each patient, leading to significantly higher survival rates and greatly reduced treatment side effects.

The use of Liquid Biopsy Labs’ unique Liquid Biopsy test allows you to experience previously unheard of precision in treatment monitoring – providing cancer patients with the best possible outcome that medical science can offer today.

Avoid cancer misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment plans with Liquid Biopsy Labs’ revolutionary test.
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"Adding blood-based liquid biopsy testing nearly doubled the number of mutations detected in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) compared to solid tissue testing alone." 3

Order a Liquid Biopsy Test

The first liquid biopsy in the world to test for an almost INFINITE number of mutations.

More Accurate Than Any Other Liquid Biopsy Test

While most liquid biopsy companies claim 90% validity, the erroneous assumptions they make up front, and their lack of personalized testing for naturally occuring mutations, make their results impossible to trust. Hence, many cancer patients think they’re getting targeted therapies – and may even be paying thousands of dollars a month – when, in reality, they’re wasting valuable time and money on the wrong treatment.

Why waste time and money on the wrong treatment when you could instead know – with 99+% confidence – that the targeted therapy you’re using is the right one? When used correctly, targeted therapies have been proven to provide cancer patients with significantly better survival rates and far fewer treatment-related side effects.

Wouldn’t you want to ensure that the mutation you’re targeting is the right one?

Don’t guess, don’t take chances, don’t just hope for the best.

KNOW, with confidence, that the mutation you’re targeting is actually involved in driving the cancer.

Liquid Biopsy Labs' unique, designed just for you, liquid biopsy test ensures that you have 99+% confidence that the mutation you’re targeting is involved in driving the cancer. And, our ongoing cancer treatment monitoring package lets you know, within just a few weeks of treatment initiation, whether or not the treatment is working as you’d expected.

Fast and accurate testing leads to longer progression-free survival.
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No time or money wasted

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No unnecessary treatment side effects

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Longer progression-free survival rates

Liquid Biopsy Labs:
The ONLY Personalized Liquid Biopsy in the World

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"Liquid biopsies could transform cancer care as we know it." 4

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The future of cancer management in a simple blood test

Liquid Biopsy Labs
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Liquid Biopsy Labs
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Liquid Biopsy Labs
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Learn More About Precision Oncology


For individuals with cancer, please visit our sister site, CTOAM, for Precision Oncology services designed just for you and your care team. CTOAM will coordinate your precision diagnosis – including your personalized liquid biopsy tests – and develop a targeted therapy plan based on what is truly causing your cancer to grow. CTOAM will partner with your Oncologist to administer and monitor the very best treatment for your cancer.

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